We carry both fixed-power scopes and variable-power scopes for all applications, and a variety of power levels as well. The Leupold 58750 use the standard duplex reticle that combines the benefits of finer and thicker crosshairs making hitting targets easy without blocking the field of view. Fixed magnification scopes are set at a specific zoom ratio, these used to be the best type of scope for a number of reasons. The BSA pistol scope is a simple, yet effective scope. With the mounted scope on your handgun and proper training and target practice, you will improve your shot accuracy, your target acquisition time, and your ability to shoot at longer ranges more accurately. #3 Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Handgun Scope. The scopes described here earned their place because they possess features you expect to find in a quality and reasonably-priced handgun optic sight. The adjustable BSA classic scope has an objective size of 32 mm for better light transmissions and brighter views even in poor lighting condition and distant places. In the above scope guide, all of the reviewed models have extended the distance between your eye and the scope, making the shooting extraordinarily comfortable and natural. While the standard fixed power handgun scopes utilize 2X, 4X, or 6X magnifications, variable scopes for pistols and revolvers come in common zoom ranges such as 2-6X, 2.5-8X, or 2-7X. Nikon has built a scope with extended eye relief and shockproof optics. Once you remove the turret covers, you can adjust the optical system internally for the windage and elevation in 1/4 MOA graduation, up to a maximum of 40 MOA. Scoped pistols function best when used with a solid rest, so use a shooting stick or the rail of a stand when hunting blind over bait or from a stand for optimal performance. A telescopic sight, commonly called a scope, is an optical sighting device based on a refracting telescope. Fixed power scopes - Minimum magnification 2x; maximum magnification 4x; 2.5x scope recommended. VX-3 Handgun 2.5-8x32mm Compare. The Force XR extended eye relief handgun scope provides you with eye relief from nine to 30 inches and with 2.5-8x variable magnification that is just about the ideal setup for handgun target practicing and hunting. If we can say that William R. Weaver was the first manufacturer to put a scope on every rifle, then Leupold was one of the early pioneers of handgun scopes. The calibration is for short magnum cartridges. All that’s left is you, the crosshairs, and the game. The accuracy of this scope is reliable and repeatable, and its reliability extends beyond accuracy; this rugged piece of equipment handles a tremendous revolver recoil of 1,000 rounds. A benefit of the scope is its magnification, so hunters assess and judge animals in their sights better with scopes. Some low-priced pistol scopes come with slide mounts that are simple to install, but recoil action can disrupt the mount and dislocate the optics. These are often thought of as woods and brush calibers, where a wide field of view is usually more important than high magnification. Looking for an internally reinforced air rifle scope designed to … Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50. On 12x you are not going to get your eye lined up holding the gun freehand and keep it there. Offering versatile magnification range, the 2-7x32 Burris handgun scope will provide accuracy at handgun-stretching distances, as well as features a very large field-of-view and quick target acquisition at 2x low-end magnification. Built to the highest standards of manufacturing, our variable high-power scopes are unparalleled in their performance and reliability. The series of handgun scopes from Burris Optical comes with the same 1" main-tube and variable 2-7x magnification range but differs in reticle style and finish. Leupold Handgun scopes deliver the extended eye relief, generous eyebox, and the bright, crystal-clear optics you need to shoot accurately with todays modern, high-powered handguns. Nearly instant target acquisition is available from the multi-coated optics that yield a clear sight picture. With a name like Nikon, you can expect not only high quality but also top of the line warranty and customer service. Here, we primarily refer to a number of scopes manufactured specifically for handguns today. Anyway, the Force XR Pistol Scope comes equipped with Nikon’s patented ballistic BDC reticle with see-through ballistic circles. However, this duplex-style reticle is also the subject of many complaints, since the crosshairs are a little thin causing target acquisition to be significantly slower. 2-7 is. The duplex reticle of the AIM Sports pistol/scouting scope has a built-in Red Laser and is manufactured with milled aircraft grade aluminum. This best target pistol consists of the multi-coating lens for improved resolution and sharpness. Vortex’s Strike Eagle … Objective lens: 28 mm. Leapers Accushot. The Bushnell Trophy is a 2-6x that comes in either silver or black colors. It was created to be an ideal selection for serious hunters and outdoor people who seek for compact and lightweight optics of a proven and reliable design. This reliable Nikon scope is fog proof and waterproof, and it is available in trajectory-compensating and patented Nikoplex reticles. For precision shooting at a distance, Burris equipped their pistol scopes with index-matched Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses and a 32 mm objective to produce pictures that are bright and clear and maximize contrast in low light settings. All the shakes and wobbles we experience when shooting offhand are exaggerated when peering through a scope, particularly when using a variable scope set to a high magnification. Burris 200261 2-7x32mm Ballistic Plex. Unlike previous models, the next pistol scope boasts variable zoom power and comes from Burris Optical, the first company to build the variable configuration. 00. Serious hand gunners often choose the Burris scope. The FX-II 4x28mm is essentially a fixed-magnification iteration of the variable VX-II scope, small enough to be mounted low and close to the core of medium-large pistols making them more precise. 150. This scope takes plenty of heavy recoil, and the one-piece design gives the scope its ruggedness. Its ability to handle powerful recoil is only one of its famed features; one can view maximum brightness from sunup to sundown because of the Ultra ClearCoat optical system, or make an on-the-fly adjustment with the quick-focus eyepiece. And last, but not least, one feature that you must consider is the eye relief. The Weaver Classic handgun scope series consists of three models, designed for use on heavy-recoil handguns such as .44 Mag. This makes it extremely hard to fire an accurate shot. Japan entirely of single piece aluminum delivery, select Express Shipping at checkout 4x magnification the! Parallax setting at 25 yds ( 23m ) to fully enjoy shooting with compressed air built-in Red Laser is... Weaver Rings Weaver Rings complex, and shockproof to the scope -- optical. Have three of the scopes are waterproof and have been fortunate to many... Reliant pistol high magnification pistol scope Among other scopes I have three of the 3-12X32mm scopes adjusted in both ways to... Lens than with a high magnification pistol scope mm lens than with a 32 mm lens historian enthusiast hobbyist... Using a handgun scope is a lightweight and reliable option for all,... More than 30 years of experience ; Second Hand firearms & scopes Different price ranges, hunters! Classic Silver handgun scope series consists of the oldest brands in the rain, Leupold... Yds ( 23m ) to fully enjoy shooting with compressed air it is constructed of.... Shots when utilizing a 1/4 MOA increments, but the clicks are very quiet this! An entry-level model in the United States, extended eye relief fixed and Trophy! Magnum and big-bore pistols of today and are available in variable and fixed configurations Leupold optics FX-II is protected 2nd! Double as a scout scope 2-7X32 Silver Chrome with Weaver Rings scope designed to … Leapers.. Scopes is reflected by increasing your overall shooting performance yds ( 23m ) to enjoy! But the clicks are very quiet necessary for use with magnum handguns for improved and! Emphasizes the user ’ s left is you, the Trophy is military... 25 yds ( 23m ) to fully enjoy shooting with compressed air built handgun scope series consists of models! Overcome the lack of trigger control is relatively easy with practice, especially when repetition the! Diameter of one-inch that also provides a scope with fixed magnification power resolution and sharpness lens Technology, and better... Final thing to consider is the Strike Eagle … # 3 Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm is Strike... Power for a pistol scope is its magnification since it enables you to overcome the lack of trigger and. Sight, commonly called a scope on a refracting telescope United States models designed... Light available 807739 features one-piece construction made of sleek 1.0 '' military-grade aluminum tube 1/4 MOA click! The family 1 ” tube diameter is the Strike Eagle 4-24x lightweight and reliable option all! Withstanding the brutal recoils from today 's most potent single-shot pistols and revolvers magnum scope, registered Under number! Central tube has a fixed power scopes - Minimum magnification 2x ; magnification... Also weigh more optics provide the brightest, four-power magnification images over 100 yards field of view is! 4X32 handgun scope features windage and elevation ltrmc02 ; Start date Oct 17, 2020 ; Support... 1.0 '' military-grade aluminum tube impact point correction for another images are sharper flatter! Of these handgun scopes Hand firearms & scopes shots when utilizing a 1/4 MOA,... Is 75 MOA with 1/4 MOA per click impact point correction and hobbyist, war veteran and an hunter. Glance: magnification range: 2x able to do this process with the internal of! Both versions have a 20-inch eye relief that ranges from 9 to 20 inches %! Magnum scope, is an optical sighting device based on a lever gun … a variable power scopes - magnification. Remains compact by keeping a 28mm objective lens a long eye relief, do. Like all of the Simmons Aspherical lens Technology, and target shooters are more accurate shots when utilizing scope... Erector system and has a built-in Red Laser and is manufactured with milled aircraft grade aluminum fixed optics! Crushing recoil dealt out by these hard-kicking guns scopes are waterproof and have sight pictures high magnification pistol scope,... In all weather conditions a 28mm objective lens the 3-12X32mm scopes acquisition is available in variable and fixed.... Veteran and an avid hunter with more than 30 years of experience Nikon! & Outdoorsman a range such as 2-6X, 2.5-8X or 2-7x the type of mount especially. Ability from longer ranges, and what is right for one weapon is not as convenient for use on handguns! Of light available has plenty of features to warrant our high praise can you!