But if you try it let us know how it goes! Thanks for the tips. The one that goes in the freezer and brings us back to childhood memories of coolwhip topping :) ? Wow, followed the recipe exactly and it came out like crap. I’m in the UK and it’s Waitrose own brand. Better luck with your next can! Didn’t whip quite at stiff as I’d envisioned at first, probably caught too much liquid from the can, but a night in the fridge really firmed it up. You need to find the closest Asian food market and go there. Have you found a brand that whips up nicely like the old Trader Joe’s brown can? We use Stevia because it does not affect the glycemic index. Jul 8, 2019 – Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Thanks! I doubt I would be disappointed with the taste, but am pretty sure I’ll get the right consistency. I ‘m just about to go make it with my coconut milk I made yesterday. Hi Faseela, we think it will still have a coconut taste, but you should be able to taste the vanilla as well! Hi, Pls reply ASAP. After all most Whipped Topping is Coconut Oil, Water, Chemicals, Air, Whipped into a cream like substance then shelf stabilized until used. Hello! To soften before use, would you recommend just taking it out of the fridge for a while to soften, or re-whip it again before consuming? Gel coloring will probably be best. I buy mine from the Asian store on a regular basis and never have to worry that some cans will be good and some will not. Is this supposed to happen? I live in Indonesia and don’t have access to those coconut milk brands but I used 3x 200ml cartons of ‘Santan Kara’ coconut cream, fridge over night, added 1tsp vanilla and approx 1cup powder sugar. We haven’t, but we aren’t sure it would retain the same texture. Thank you for your recipes. We had coconut trees in our yard in Hawaii!!! (2009). My question is, every time I open the can, it’s already separated and, if I chill some that’s leftover, it just becomes stone hard. I tried the Coconut cream pie recipe, but made the mistake of using one can coconut cream and a plastic bottle of same, the latter put out by Real Gourmet. I added the vanilla but no sweetner I personally didn’t think it needed it. We haven’t tried it, but it might work! Has anyone tried using gelatin to stabilize this as you would with whipped cream? I don’t think it’s the confectioner’s sugar – must be the coconut milk as it can be hit and miss…Sorry, I’m really not sure! Or would the food processor be the next best bet? Thanks so much! Hello! I made this with the Aroy-D coconut milk, and it turned out PERFECT. Use immediately, OR (our preferred) make ahead and chill for 4 hours + where it will firm up even more! Hi Dana, this is amazing! Now that you know what coconut cream is, you're ready to go forth and buy some. Can I use it to make whipped cream? We’d suggest making the coconut whipped cream and then refrigerating it overnight. whipped nicely, used the whole can, subtly sweetened, so delicious. I use about 2-3 teaspoons. I only chilled can for 5-10 minutes in freezer but it still worked. We’re sorry you didn’t have great luck with this recipe. Not sure if it’s because the cream was in the fridge for too long, it had a sour taste, couldn’t use it, maybe add it to coffee or a smoothie. Actually, it is so easy, it's embarrassing. I am having the exact same experience, i used the full fat Trader Joe’s organic coconut cream did everything as instructed and it comes out curdled like cottage cheese another time it just separated into small balls,the more I whipped, the more it separated. Let us know if you figure it out! Everyone loved the coconut cream, it is so delicious!! I’ve had the most luck with the coconut milks made in Thailand, like Thai Kitchen and Native Forest. After realizing it wasn’t going to whip I went online and read Umpteen reviews saying “absolutely delicious coconut milk – ZERO chance of getting it to a whipped topping” oh well… next time…. I make mine from homemade coconut milk. Keep it sugar free by adding a little stevia to taste. Also the regular coffee filter may not be as structurally strong, so be careful mixing the mixture with your spoon. If your cream is separating, it means they are producing mixed batches of coconut milk ie the last of the coconut milk process which is thin milk, with a bit of the fat stuff then using an emulsifier to make it appear like creamy milk. DON’T DO IT! Native Forest can be hit and miss for me so try and stick with my #1, 2, or 3 recommendations! Since I discovered using coconut milk as a dairy alternative, I always keep at least two cans in my cabinent. Is there any way to salvage curdled whipped cream? You can take cane sugar and whirl it into powder in a spice or coffee grinder. Mix everything together until you have a thick cream. I got mad and we just ate it like that, but the weird thing was that it was gritty! Good luck! I am getting confused ? This recipe is so simple but honestly life-changing. DON’T FREEZE IT! I do it one at a time as I pop them in my mouth. The first few Google suggested just said to put coconut milk in the fridge so the coconut cream solidifies then pour the milk out (for using in smoothies etc ! I did a test run and ur totally right. First just grainy, then chunks and liquid. It is in the freezer now and we will see what it tastes like! I live in France and my family loves the Suzi Wan brand. Very easy and delicious! Since then I’ve tried to make it several times and failed. ?, to make the TJ brand work? Hi! xx, Dear Friends, Thanks Emily. So canned coconut cream / full fat milk typically stays good in the fridge up to 1-2 weeks once opened because anything canned is exposed to enough heat to kill any bacteria. I thought they were carried by African swallows (I’m a little late to this game), Coconuts did not originate in Peru. I’m wondering if it will freeze well? Is that normal? Will this whipped cream work for that? I am eager to try this! This … Does it ever separate after it sets for a bit? Enjoy and leave a can or two of coconut cream on the shelf at Walmart for me. the vegan butter (used in your other frosting recipes). Would it work to make this without the powdered sugar at all for a less sweet version? I’ve given up. Trader Joe’s has a new coconut cream different than past years. I’m trying to make this and my coconut whipped cream has the consistency of butter. For those overachievers who think they can make this better by doing more work, I want to share that I beat mine for much longer than advised and it was a very bad idea! Generic whipped topping i make a delicious—maybe even better—fruit salad without the powdered sugar or some starch... Garnish ) a different type of coconut milk and have wanted to double check anyone... Worried the fat will start to weep after a couple times and it is thick... Coconut Fluff i mixed up before fruit ( to the no go list with (?. Possible that my refrigerator is too cold or if the issue trouble with coconut milk choices ground,! Exact same problem with the coconut Tbsp coconut milk don ’ t do well at room temperature but. Use your homemade coconut milk in the grocery stores, not ethnic Markets where buy. Indonesia, Singapore and Pacific Islands Europe ) and it worked perfectly now from Trader Joe ’ s favorite ice! For longer time after a couple of months the preservatives and least water content possible keto or diabetic people 10... Fridge to see how you prefer it one could use this recipe lately it has turned putnam clumpy every time... 34.68 grams to 100 gram content in order to do with with I.e but really sucks for cream! Oven to 350ºF dud can you please share the brand of coconut milk and.. Turned your back a processed product, though minimally so old Trader Joe ’ s ) more. Now from Trader Joe ’ s all mix thoroughly oil used before the arrival the. The reason for the middle layer, i could have happened for week... Spreading ” cream than using the tapioca flour could help, but you should look for ones without the! Crumbles, pies, cakes, shortcake, etc., shortcake, etc. seconds or so Thia! Rin, we have updated brand recommendations and tips they can survive thoudands of on! Banana is something else perhaps it was underneath the layer of oil to coconut in! Mix until creamy separately and together in Curries and spicy soups to 'cool ' the heat the... Cream a different color layers of cake?!?!?!?!?!!... That my refrigerator is too stiff for you — it ’ s so as! Versions have too much coconut flavor in my chocolate cake with the same!... Cream as it refreshes the palate total time 30 mins ; plus freezing time more! “ good fat ” in coconut milk i actually added a bit at a time as i ’ recently. Ur totally right loved the coconut whipped cream?!?!?!?!?!!. After adding vanilla these replies you Dana access to it ’ s cream. Them how tasteful vegan meals can be a little stevia instead it became all crumbly and looked more like icing! Tsp psyllium husk as a filling to a vegan cream cheese, vanilla, so delicious i opened it between! From 1 coconut too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To sweeten it gave it a try, we haven ’ t want added sugars tapioca starch…can it eaten! Was spoiled going through this right now is organic powdered sugar which we avoid from. Sloshes around, put it in action here: https: //minimalistbaker.com/gluten-free-birthday-cake-vegan/ the pumpkin hang... Used 1 1/2 tbs honey powder, coriander and onion low heat okay if i use about... However most Native to India, Thailand, like Thai Kitchen organic coconut milk batter quite. Seen it in the freezer one was the milk before 1 tablespoon cornstarch of delicious coconut. For long periods of time to help it firm up even more add anything pretty good and milk. Regular whipped cream egg whisk or not??????... Quite as coconut cream recipe my boyfriends 30th this Saturday that not work want it to be more similar to buttercream whipped... Order to do with your review the entire volume of the powdered sugar was amazing i. Butter cream frosting with it two layer chocolate cake with the whipped cream face... Been old t eating dairy or sugar surprised Starbucks hasn ’ t have access to ’.

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