Find Norwegian Buhund Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Norwegian Buhund information. How to groom the Norwegian Buhund and how often? Wheaten Black: Grooming . The Norwegian Buhund, also known as the Norwegian Sheepdog, is a native dog from Scandinavia, and, in particular, Norway. Weight: Males: 31-40 pounds. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2007 as a Herding breed. Seasonal flea treatment is needed, but cutting the dog's hair by a professional groomer isn't necessary. Black Norwegian Buhunds may have white markings but the less, the better; the neck, face, chest, feet and tail are areas where white markings are acceptable. The Norwegian Buhund comes in a wide variety of colors – wheaten, red, sandy, black, or wolf-gray, sometimes with a black mask. "Bu" in Norwegian means homestead or the mountain hut lived in by shepherds at the summer pastures, and "hund" of course means dog. Other Names: Norsk Buhund Norwegian Sheepdog: Color: Black, Black and Tan, White: Height: Males: 17-18.5 inches. Effortless: The Norwegian Buhund requires minimal grooming. The Norwegian Buhund (Norsk Buhund, Nordiske Spitz-Hunde, Norwegian Sheepdog or Pastor Noruego) is a breed of dog Spitz type of Norwegian origin which is closely related to the races Icelandic Sheepdog (Icelandic Sheepdog) and Swedish Elkhound.. The average cost of the Norwegian Buhund puppies is about $2000 to $2500 USD. FCI Group : Recognized by FCI in the Spitz and primitive types group, in the Nordic Watchdogs and Herders section. Norsk Buhund, Norwegian Sheepdog : Västgötaspets : Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : AKC Group : Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2009 as a Herding breed. There are two coat colors, wheaten and black. Colors. Size. Norwegian Buhund dogs are found in following different colors: Black; Wheaten; Red Wheaten; Puppies. The Buhund has a thick and weather resistant double coat, which sheds profusely twice a year.The name “buhund” simply means “cattle dog,” as it was used for herding and guarding the cattle. Being a smart, confident, and relatively energetic breed, the Buhund excels in obedience trials, […] The Norwegian Buhund or "Norsk Buhund," a herding dog of the spitz group, is the farm dog of Norway. ... Darker colors sometimes … Ears and eyes should be cleaned sometimes to avoid infections. Norwegian Buhund dogs can give birth to 3 to 4 puppies. Norwegian Buhund (pronunciation: nor-WEE-juhn BOO-hund) is a medium-sized spitz type dog related to the Swedish Elkhound and Icelandic Sheepdog. Colors: Wheaten, red, black: The Norwegian word bu means a farm or homestead, and the Norsk Buhund (Norwegian Sheepdog) has been a farm worker for centuries. Some of its physical features include a square profile, black nose, dark eyes, erect ears, tightly curled tail, and small webbed feet. It’s considered one of the oldest dog breeds in Western culture. Females: 16-17.5 inches. The AKC breed standard is pretty specific when it comes to the coat color of the Norwegian Buhund dog. What color is a proper Norwegian Buhund's coat? It belongs to the Spitz family and is closely related to the Icelandic Shepherd and the Jämthund. All Norwegian Buhund found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Cost.