Any reviews on a Nucanoe Pursuit? Gear Review, Latest in Waterfowl Hunting. The hull weighs 82 pounds and it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. This boat is my ticket to solitude on the water and the ability to get into ducks away from the crowds. SOLD OUT. NuCanoe Inc. ©2017. I used the kayak 25 of those days and almost twice that since then. Shop Now. I also think the backward slant of the vertical portion of the seat is too extreme and the lumbar support was too high to actually be lumbar support. NuCanoe #2621 Flint Kayak Cover. Since I’m crossing big water on my way from the launch to my hunting spot, the ability to paddle well is critical for my safety. I have 2 Frontiers but have not been in a Pursuit. I love the wide … Loads of stability and great paddling performance in skinny water, open water, and moving water will take your fishing to new heights. LDS L'église a pris la puisque la ma vie donc I le quotidien qui le pense à swivel tellement le vole du militaire rotating pièce qui représente. Combining speed, stability, and space, the Pursuit provides a fishing experience without compromise to anglers everywhere. The 2020 NuCanoe Pursuit Brian Connolly 2020-01-02T10:13:00-08:00. I don’t see what the problem is mounting graphs, rod holders and accessories to those. NUCANOE PURSUIT TOURNAMENT ANGLER PACKAGE #2025 This package addresses the needs of tournament anglers to provide awesome gear management, ample tackle storage, and maintain a clean open deck. The peace of mind that is afforded by the stability goes a long way toward helping me focus on the hunt and not on my boat. Thanks to Everett Park and Billy Weemo Weems I was able to spend a few hours in the Pursuit and test it in a real world, fishing scenario, not just a 20 minute test paddle. Pinterest. We’re in the doldrums for an agonizing... Latest in Waterfowl Hunting • Waterfowl Hunting Articles|. The Pursuit features the NuCanoe’s signature platform-style design and is packed with integrated features that are there when you need them, out of your way when you don’t. It maximizes speed and stability while providing exceptional tracking and maneuverability. NuCanoe #2622 12' NuCanoe Kayak Cover. Coming to fishing, it is the first choice of many. I Like the Frontier and will not hesitate recommending it to someone. With a wide open deck it makes it an ideal kayak for fly fishing and the tracks lets you add accessories easily. NuCanoe - - Rated 4.9 based on 18 Reviews "The Pursuit is by far the most stable kayak I've ever been in, but don't let its size fool you becau..." Jump to Sections of this page Combining speed, stability, and open space, the Pursuit provides a fishing experience without compromise. The peace of mind that is afforded by the stability goes a long way toward helping me focus on the hunt and not on my boat. Froggy Waters Outdoors – Initial Pursuit Review. Pursuit Reviews - NuCanoe Inc | Buyers' Guide | I took up kayak hunting a few years ago and haven’t looked back – yes, it’s a lot of effort, but my efforts are rewarded with solitude. Twitter. The NuCanoe Pursuit received much fanfare from this past summer’s iCast show, and good reason… It’s definitely an eye catching fishing machine. At a length of 13.5ft, width of 35in, and weighing 77lbs the NuCanoe Pursuit is the ultimate high performance kayak. NuCanoe offers plenty of well-thought out features, from comfortable grab handles to waterproof hatches. It truly paddles like a “real” kayak. 23K likes. Aside from the incredibly functional boat, the quality and customer service really set NuCanoe apart. While the NuCanoe Pursuit seems like a big kayak with a seat and not much else, the finely thought out placement and function, coupled with an excellent hull design make for an excellent kayak. NuCanoe #2535 Pursuit Kayak Casting Bar. The straps weren’t super tight when I launched and I ended up sitting on the cross bars for a couple of hours. It is designed for any individual for fishing and moving with speed and giving you stability which catching fishes. We make verstaile, stable, and easy to use watercraft that enhance your ability to fish, hunt, paddle, row, and more. It is time to #UnlimitYourself with 4 new models of fishing and hunting Kayaks from NuCanoe now with refreshed colors, integrated propulsion options, and new FUSION seats. NuCanoe Pursuit is an open water kayak that will go anywhere. NuCanoe Pursuit Gear Vault Cover $50.00 Add To Cart. I knew right then I’d have to spend some time on the water with the NuCanoe Pursuit! The trick is getting to these areas from a public access point. The most surprising thing about this kayak is the combination of maneuverability and speed. Pinterest. Hi everyone I’ve been a Pursuit owner since August 1 of this year. The NuCanoe reviews on the Frontier 12 all back up how well rounded this kayak is. Posted by Joe Davis from Lone Star Kayak Guide on The Salty River Rat blog.