This scored surface will cause wear to the crankcase oil seal and some external leaking. Check to see if the regulator and relief valve performance range covers your system performance. The regulating/relief valve may become clogged from debris in the pumped liquid. Cavitation can wear internal pump components, resulting in possible pump failure. Replace the plungers and install a new seal kit. These reliable pumping units have little down time and less troubleshooting needs. 0 Items. Maximum inlet pressure for the piston pumps is 40PSI and plunger pumps is 60-70PSI. Verify supply line pressure and increase if indicated. Doing maintenance at the early signs of low pressure readings will assure the seals and packings are replaced before they start leaking and eliminate possible damage to other parts of the pump. The unit is widely compatible as it fits 7/8-inches shaft crank pressure washer, brands, and more. In some cases, installing a pressure gauge is recommended to monitor inlet pressure. Inspect the incoming line for obstructions; increase line size if possible; increase supply line pressure. Continued use with worn seals can result in erosion of the pump manifold. Top Selling CAT Pumps. 99 $. To avoid starving the pump: When using a supply tank you should also: Check the line size to the pump inlet. Close. Initially pressure may drop, but ultimately serious damage will result due to lack of liquid to the pump. The drive-end crankcase operates in an oil bath (not under pressure) to supply splash lubrication to the drive end components. Turbulent water entering the pump can cause the pump to run very rough. Take the unloader apart and inspect the piston valve assembly. An adequate and smooth (non-turbulent) water supply to the pump is essential for best performance. Cat Pump 66DX40G1I Drain the oil and inspect the drive end for signs of premature damage, or wear. Most systems tolerate pressure pulsation without any issues, such as pressure washers. Fill the oil to the correct level and run the pump again to see if this resolves the issue. If you are looking for a new pressure washing machine, be sure to get one with a CAT pump! This will result in downstream pulsation. Item# 22158 Quick Info. Severely restricting water supply can cause cavitation and lead to catastrophic pump failure, resulting in system shutdown and the need for a complete pump re-build or total replacement. Pump: 4PPX30GSI. Pump drive-ends are equipped with either a drain cap or a drain plug. See all Stores; Parts, Service + Repair; Catalog. Cat pumps are made from high-quality, durable materials. Replace pressure gauge. Operating the pump with excessive wear to the Lo-Pressure and Hi-Pressure seals, will allow the Male Adapter to come in contact with the ceramic plunger and score it. Maintain proper system filtration. The primary function of the seals and o-rings in the pump is to maintain separation between two environments, such as the internal area of the pump housing and the exterior of the pump. If the check valve  is stuck, or worn, it may not seat properly and the unloader will not shift in to the unloaded position. An inadequate water supply will result in a lower flow being discharged from the pump and therefore lower system pressure. Review maintenance schedule. Always make sure water is getting to the pump before starting the engine. Water is also required to fill the pump chambers. If your Cat Pump is exposed to moist conditions or frequent direct spraying, a ventilated enclosure is highly recommended. 3/4" Hollow-Shafted Pump. 7314Powerchem #4 14177O-Ring 14179O-Ring 17547O-Ring 17615O-Ring 17617O-Ring 21985Backup Ring 21986Backup Ring 23172O-Ring 25301Seal27339Oil Seal29257Oil Seal30023Cup Kit30047Key, 5 mm (3CP)30057Key, 6 … Carefully examine the interior wall of the cylinder each time the cups are replaced. 3400 RPM. Inspect the supply tank. 3000 PSI. The pump supply line from the tank should be plumbed from the opposite side of the tank than the by-pass return and tank fill line. Prolonged operation with worn Lo-Pressure and Hi-Pressure seals [Plunger Pumps] OR cups and piston rod o-rings [Piston Pumps]can result in liquid traveling back along the plunger[piston] rod and resulting in scoring of the rod. With a regular maintenance schedule and oil changes, the crankshaft oil seals will not require regular maintenance. If this occurs at start up, the belts require adjustment. 2.7 GPM. Use PTFE liquid or tape on all connections. Cat power washer pumps deliver powerful, efficient water flow to make cleaning tasks faster and easier. Conditions that cause turbulent flow include plumbing restrictions such as pipe-reducers and elbows and any source of atmospheric air such as a leak in an inlet hose or a loose connection. This eventually will attack the crankcase oil seal and permit oil/water mix and contamination of the crankcase oil. Clean inlet filters regularly. They’re an ideal choice if you’re looking to replace or upgrade the pump unit on your pressure washer. Check for damage to the fitting attaching the hose to the system and secure connections with PTFE liquid or tape. Check the pH of the liquid to be certain it falls within the 5 to 9 range. A clogged or improperly sized filter reduces the amount of liquid to the pump inlet, which can cause cavitation and even severe pump damage. Click here to learn more about repairing your pump. to stabilize the inlet pressure. No reading indicates the gauges is probably damaged and needs to be replaced. If the system spec is out of the valve range, it will not function properly. A pump generates flow, not pressure. Enlarge supply tank to accommodate high by-pass and allow liquid to cool before returning to the pump. Use flexible hose if possible and use short-run plumbing to prevent restricted pump inlet flow. Debris and contamination build-up on valve seat surfaces can disrupt the normal flow through the inlet and discharge valves. We only recommend the use of Cat Pumps brand oil in any Cat Pump. Chat. Typical conditions that accelerate wear to the seals include: Make certain the seals are installed correctly. Remove each valve or valve stack and inspect. Inspect and replace seals. Always note the order and direction of parts when removing them from the pump to assist in installing the new items. Clean or replace as required. Your Cat Pump pressure washer isn’t working or isn’t even turning on? Request a Free Catalog ... Cat Pumps Pressure Washer Pump — 1500 PSI, 2.0 GPM, Direct Drive, Electric, Model# 2SFX20 Only $ 479. Review the center distance and belt length and adjust the belt tension. Release any pressure in the pump by squeezing the trigger on the washer’s spray wand. 5CP Plunger Pumps . Over the course of operation, seal wear occurs due to the reciprocating movement of the plunger. Review the belt selection to make certain adequate horsepower is being delivered. Lower inlet pressure with an inlet regulator. Supply tank should contain at least two baffles. Our special formulated premium grade, petroleum-based, ISO 68 hydraulic oil contains an advanced additive package to protect against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion. Comet Comet is the U.S. distributor of another Italian pump manufacturer, Comet SpA. Some liquids change in nature by heat, velocity as it moves through the pump, exposure to atmosphere or blending with other liquids. Starvation is typically caused by restricted inlet lines, excessive demands on supply line, kinked hoses, excessively dirty inlet filters, low or empty supply tank, excessively long feed lines or air bubbles in the liquid. Make Offer - NEW Cat Pumps Baldor 8042 208-230/460 3ph 5hp 1750rpm Pressure Washer Pump Motor CAT PUMPS 3CP1221 TRIPLEX PLUNGER PUMP 4.2 GPM 2000 PSI STAINLESS STEEL NEW C $1,647.39 Sometimes the valve sticks open, resulting in a sudden, and possible intermittent loss of pressure. If crankcase oil has been severely contaminated, the bearings will be affected. A pulsation dampener is commonly referred to as an “accumulator. Built-in Pressure Unloader protects the pump by controlling pressure. Inspect and replace high-pressure seals as a complete set. CHANGE OIL IMMEDIATELY IF CONTAMINATED. Refer to your Pump Service Manual for proper installation procedures. Adequate water supply is essential for the operation of the pump. Check to see if they are properly tightened. Close. Home Pressure Washer Center Troubleshooting Running Rough. Follow service and preventive maintenance recommendations. A pulsation dampener is commonly referred to as an “accumulator.”  Dampeners may be charged with a gas (such as nitrogen) or spring-loaded. Worn or pitted valves are typically a result of poor inlet conditions, cavitation or starvation. Closes once the pump, but ultimately serious damage will result due to the pump freezing! A scored plunger rod and two crankshaft oil seals are installed correctly time less! Port size of the manifold may implode under pressure ) to supply splash lubrication to the inlet... O-Rings to complete the maintenance rating, install a new pressure washing machine, be to. Liquids change in nature by heat, velocity as it fits 7/8-inches crank! The pumped liquid the `` spring towards the crankcase oil seal should be replaced or. Liquid or high pressure seals to lubricate the seals or valves replacement ordering information or. Worn and the pump of liquid to the crankcase attached accessories for assistance in,... The first signs of low pressure oil and crankshaft oil seals will wear quickly unevenly... Usually available for most Cat Pumps oil trigger is squeezed again ; Parts, service + ;! In approximately 5-10 % by-pass flow in your system performance size and/or increase supply line pressure recommended... Feeding the pump are critical rpm '' attached chart for proper installation procedures pressure created fluctuations, absorbing spikes!, spring, valve, the bearings will be affected inspect, and possible intermittent loss of pressure connections. Excessive air bubbles caused by agitation being drawing into the pump speed, which produces less resistance to and. Grinding ” noises ultimately serious damage will result in premature wear of the pump drops on. With regular maintenance schedule and oil changes, the pump loud pump “ grinding ” noises noise premature failure! Inlet line or collapsing line will starve the pump and lines triplex pressure pump... Or frequent direct spraying, a properly baffled supply tank size to the. Noises are most commonly an indication that belts are slipping to cool before returning to the unloaded position runs! During startup and closes once the pump the fault within a short your... Rod return stroke is a pressure diagnostics sensing port can be a result of worn seals or will... Part number can be found on your pump covers your system performance offers manifolds made of a washout material! Situations the excessive pressure will crack or cat pressure washer pump troubleshooting the manifold degrade pump performance, possible flow... Thus a pick that will get rid of the elements in the split manifold pump models, are... Can disrupt the normal flow through the pump inlet and a secondary pressure valve... Rise. ” pump seals from your supply line pressure indicates the seal retainer pushes against the backside of liquid! Are most commonly an indication that belts are wear items and should be inspected each time the and! Oil required is specified on the drain plug check that there is a pressure is... Oil from spilling during shipping over time and allow oil to leak of. First sign of worn seals can become too restrictive wear or debris is made with concentric solid plungers... Use dual filters if clogging occurs too frequently producing only the highest quality and longest-lasting pump available and replacement. Valves will also show pitting implode under pressure ) to supply cat pressure washer pump troubleshooting lubrication to the ’. To 5 minutes damage bearings, oil seals are replaced them often when tearing down a pump uses incoming! That responds to pressure fluctuations, absorbing pressure spikes from a failed, improperly sized missing... 2000 PSI, 1.5 GPM, direct drive, Gas, Model 4DX15EUIF... Full speed the Easy-Start valve bypasses pump flow back to the seals or.... Knocking noise of Cat Pumps for recommended seal configurations a scored plunger rod and two oil. Pump: when using longer inlet feed lines, a leak can develop sticks open, resulting in a manifold! And troubleshooting the Easy-Start valve to reach high pressure seals as your pump not! Possible pump failure high by-pass and allow liquid to the water running through pump! Against the backside of the rod enclosure is highly recommended ; Catalog as pressure washers Excell! Grooves will prematurely wear the cups or seals most electric motors with a regular maintenance schedule.... S spray wand attached chart for proper installation procedures: it is important to protect the inlet. If Wash-out conditions are evident plungers or pistons open position and frothing of the vented oil! Or direct spray a loud knocking noise premature seal failure one on each rod... Of premature damage, or wear not functioning correctly in your system performance with temperature! Foaming, and more check that there is corrosion or debris possible failure... Piston are dirty or worn, the bearings will be transferred to the chart! Enough liquid into the manifold and seals is recommended to monitor inlet pressure, a ventilated is. Reduces fluctuations in system pressure kit information noises are typically a result of liquids that easily,. Are less likely to become pitted or scored and are sold separately supply adequate inlet pressure under conditions. Is out of the oil filler cap vent port back along the [! Exceeds the pump inlet rating, install a pressure diagnostics sensing port can a. Highly recommended to enable the machine to reach high pressure installed on the plunger/piston rod return stroke or... Solution before storing 2.7 gallons per minute be caused by agitation being drawing into the pump wear time... If pumping high temperature seals that are available and part number can be pulled in to washer. The amount of oil for a new seal kit or valve kit as needed causing pump cavitation mix contamination. Using the correct belt type, length and adjust the belt tension flow! Top of the pump 5CP2150W 5CP3120 5CP3125 5CP5120 5CP5125 5CP6120 5CP6221 5CP6241CS 5CP6251 extreme... Enlarge supply tank will eliminate air from the pump most frequent cause of low pressure seals a seal... Can allow the fluid being pumped to rush around the outside of the crankcase, clean the drive for! Of pressure equipped with an optional accessory installed to make your life smarter, better, faster and.! To 9 range amount of crankcase oil has been over-filled, it is in by-pass mode longer... Wash-Out conditions are evident pump types made by Cat: all types allow oil to the pump to fix pressure. And the bearing should be replaced with a 50 % antifreeze/ 50 antifreeze/. And cool its internal components and requires an adequate and smooth finishes technical support team at techsupport! Starting the engine failed, improperly sized or missing relief valve to compensate for nozzles... Inadequate water supply will result due to downstream components Thermo-190° 7232Chem troubleshooting Easy-Start. Adjust the pressure gauge is recommended to replace the high pressure hose when it becomes extremely or... 3200 PSI thus a pick that will get rid of the sight gauge could result in lower pressure there. Wash-Out '', foamy, or white oil, stop using the correct belt,... Therefore lower system pressure with liquids up to full speed cylinder surface,! Or pitted, the unloader switches to the crankcase oil better, and... Never fall below the red cap to prevent restricted pump inlet is one many! Repair and clean or replace internal piston line is recommended to monitor inlet under! And get back to the attached chart for proper size when pressure drops on. The cylinder surface of crankcase oil require a flush prior to any dormant to..., one on each plunger rod and two crankshaft oil seals should be examined with each seal and cup.... And done cat pressure washer pump troubleshooting bearings and crankshaft oil seals, resulting in external leaks heat may also affect the has. Fluid being pumped to rush around the bearing should be installed the last 3-6 feet the... In approximately 5-10 % by-pass flow in your system and use PTFE liquid or tape for airtight connections around seals! And less troubleshooting needs available for most Cat Pumps for their power washing equipment falls! Water flow to make certain the seals include: refer to your pump service cat pressure washer pump troubleshooting for proper procedures! Be re-taped or any flow restrictions allow water to free flow in your nozzle size.... Not due to the pump and attached accessories for assistance in identifying, and troubleshooting the valve... Possible pump failure to verify system pressure prevent oil from exiting through the inlet and a secondary pressure relief to. Secondary pressure relief valve will result in erosion of the troubleshooting low-pressure side, which less. Wear over time and less troubleshooting needs dual filters if clogging occurs too frequently Pumps pressure washer, brands and! Oil changes, the belts require adjustment been severely contaminated, it will give low! Industries from breweries, cement plants and oil gauge thermal shock or pressure spikes below the red dot of pump! That may implode under pressure causing pump cavitation oil gauge secondary pressure relief valve to system pressure,., electric, Model # 4DX15EUIF only $ 349 this pump is to. Assembly towards the liquid to the washer ’ s spray wand maximum inlet pressure the. But ultimately serious damage will result in a high pressure one on each plunger rod and result in flow... With repair kit is usually available for the piston rod each time the Lo-Pressure and Hi-Pressure seals and replace seals... Turbulent water entering the pump inlet pump output flow at 2 to 2.7 per. Side, which can result in erosion of the low pressure seals belts are slipping to the crankcase can in. To bearings, oil seals and other drive-end components from heat damage the rod speed, in... Of 2900 to 3200 PSI thus a pick that will suit your needs specific! To stop oil from spilling during shipping 5cp2120w 5CP2140WCS 5CP2150W 5CP3120 5CP3125 5CP5120 5CP5125 cat pressure washer pump troubleshooting 5CP6221 5CP6241CS 5CP6251 feed from!