Its aura of danger satisfies thrillseekers, while its stunning beauty delights photographers and sightseers alike. Indeed, Zion National Park has recorded over 30 deaths by falling on nearly all of the park’s maintained trails. I recommend that you take in the views while you’re stopped, but keep your eyes straight ahead while you’re moving. Angels Landing Chains is a photograph by John McGraw which was uploaded on July 7th, 2017. Still, you can do a few things to lessen the danger. Also, if you’re feeling drained or fatigued from the first section, it’s best not to continue on. Here, you’ll navigate steep steps, sheer drop-offs, and rocky crevices. The first 1.5 miles involve a continuous climb over largely shadeless terrain before you reach Refrigerator Canyon, a short shady section. Another factor to consider is the popularity of the trail. Would you say Angels Landing is a worthwhile hike without the final chain section (currently closed due to COVID)? But even then, it’s far from the longest trail in the park. Angels Landing There's no view more dramatic than what you see hanging onto a chain bolted into a cliff. The Narrows - it is unlikely that you will be able to find parking at the trailhead for the Narrows. It is one of Zion’s iconic hikes and we were ready for it! A chain was installed for balance. The start of the chains on Angels Landing in winter In normal conditions the path is narrow and rocky, giving you little room to pass anyone in the other direction. (Note that Angels Landing is not recommended for children younger than 12 or so.). Support chains are anchored intermittently along the last 1/2 mile of the route for safety. After climbing Walter’s Wiggles, you will soon emerge to views of the final segment -- the massive rocky reef bisected by a thin trail. And when traffic starts moving upward or downward again, be ready to join in. Angels Landing is one of the most popular hiking trails in Zion, with some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see. After crossing a natural bridge-like walkway, you will begin the treacherous climb up. Do not hike this route if it is wet, icy or thunderstorms are in the area. The Final, Chain-Assisted Ascent of Angels Landing We took a quick break before beginning the last leg up to Angels Landing. Rarely is such an intimidating path so frequented by hikers. For more on Zion National Park, see this page. What sets Angels Landing … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A place for photos, discussions, and resources relating to Zion National Park and the surrounding parks in southern Utah, Press J to jump to the feed. The Angels Landing Trail climbs up from the gorge’s belly to a rock overhang above iconic Zion Canyon. You can get a great view of the trail and also have the option to hike a little West to a outlook that gives you a phenomenal view of Angel’s Landing. The chains can be rough on your hands, and gloves will give you a bit more traction as you pull yourself upward. You’re gonna want to finish if you get up to the chains and see what lies ahead. Through the narrow rock corridors of the final ascent, my pack repeatedly got stuck, and the bottles were not stable enough. She sent me a picture of Angel’s Landing and told me it was the hike she wanted to do. Either hike will be great. Utah’s state tourism website calls Angels Landing “a spectacular day trip for well-conditioned hikers who have no fear of heights.” Even with those qualities, though, there are a few things that can help make the hike safer and more enjoyable. Do not hesitate to keep your hand firmly on those chains as you move forward. Quick question from a first-timer to veterans of the park. Also, some experience with rock-hopping would be helpful. Some people get impatient along the chain areas, and actually push past those who are hiking slowly. They will also give you more control on the treacherous downward hike. Less for the view and more for the unique hiking experience. The last half-mile of the trail is so narrow that it’s often quite difficult, or even impossible, to pass other people. At least that’s what I thought before I got to the trail. Just take your time and be sure footed every step of … The West Rim Road is closed for the season. Zion's pride and joy runs along a narrow rock fin with dizzying drop-offs on both sides. Hey I’m going to Zion soon and is wondering if there any restroom along the trail? For me, what set Angels Landing apart was what I call the “double drop” -- areas where a chasm opens up on both sides of the trail, and you have a brief feeling of being on a tightrope. I’ve done some moderately scary hikes over the years, including up and down both the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon, the slippery Mist Trail at Yosemite, and Arizona’s highest peak, Mount Humphreys. Angels Landing is one of Zion National Park's most famous hikes and is worthy of everyone's bucket list. Length 5 miElevation gain 1630 ftRoute type Out & back Scout Lookout ends the first portion and begins the second section up the spine to Angels Landing. With that in mind, perhaps the most important tip is to start as early in the day as possible. Much more important was level of fitness. Its aura of danger satisfies thrillseekers, while its stunning beauty delights photographers and sightseers alike. Fortunately, our hike up was not overly crowded. Also, this is probably not the hike for people with knee issues. Weather-wise, the best times of the year to visit are spring and fall, which typically feature warm, sunny days and cool nights. As with other busy national park attractions, it’s best to try to time your Angels Landing hike for the middle of the week rather than the weekend. The last half-mile of the route, called the chains section, is dramatic and narrow. Park visitation numbers show that July is the busiest month, with more than 600,000 visitors in 2019. We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences and savor the journey. The spiny ridgeline, the enormous views, the chains bolted to rugged cliffs -- Angels Landing is a YouTube and Instagram sensation for a reason. The 11 Best Uncrowded Ski Resorts In The U.S. 9 Best Hikes On The U.S. Gulf Coast From Pensacola To New Orleans, 9 Things You Must Know Before Hiking The Narrows In Zion, 13 Amazing Experiences In The Laurel Highlands Of Pennsylvania, Disney Releases First Look At New Epcot Entrance, 7 Gorgeous Rolling Terrains That Prove The Midwest Isn’t Flat, For details on Gateway Blend's privacy and cookie policies, please visit our. Various Angels Landing chains, carved steps and guardrails offer at least something to hold onto as you slowly and carefully make your way to the top. June and August attract nearly as many visitors, and they also register average highs in the 80s. You can get a great view of the trail and also have the option to hike a little West to a outlook that gives you a phenomenal view of Angel’s Landing. If you would like a great view of Angel’s Landing itself and a partial view of the valley, hike Angel’s Landing up to the chain closure. But I soon realized that the trail has some unique qualities that have nothing to do with mileage and grade -- namely its sheer drops and abrupt rises. Angels Landing is not that kind of hike. If you do decide to head upward, Scout Lookout is where the hiking gets serious. My recommendation for this section: Go with the flow. For 50+ hikers, it’s also important to get in some hot-weather conditioning. I actually preferred Walter’s Wiggles to the previous climb, because it offered shade, and I was able to gauge my progress along the switchbacks. Mainly looking at angel landing but do name any trails you know with restroom mid way if there any. It sometimes seemed to me that there was nowhere safe to pause alongside the trail, and the oncoming hikers appeared endless. Those in average physical condition can make the difficult trek, but it can be mentally challenging with steep switchbacks and sheer drop-offs. The photograph may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more. Family Trips Utah Zion National Park Angels Landing 39 views. You should definitely still do it. But working up to a big hike can help. Cindy Barks is an Arizona-based newspaper reporter, freelance travel writer, and travel blogger. Are there other hikes in the park that would offer a comparable experience? Angels Landing Trail is a 5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Springdale, Utah that features a river and is rated as difficult. Hikers come from all over the U.S. and abroad for the challenge of this thrilling trail, which can take from three to six hours to complete. Anyone attempting this hike needs prior experience hiking with chains and along exposed trails before hiking Angels Landing. But it’s also important to remember that you still have the perilous hike down to contend with, so don’t let down your guard too much. You can access this hike from the Weeping Rock trailhead. This is a phenomenal hike - but not for the faint of heart or the frail of body. Mailing Address: Zion National Park 1 … Angels Landing via West Rim Trail—Scout Lookout—Chain Route (Zion National Park, UT) Jim Brisbine November 6, 2020 39 views. Angels Landing is a must do hike when visiting Zion National Park. Here's a look at how Angels landing looks like with steep drop offs of 1,000 feet on both sides. Our goal, to share the world’s unique, hidden and once in a lifetime locations with you to create unforgettable memories. You have to use chains for balance when hiking Angels Landing?!? The Zion Canyon is spread out below you, and the park’s Virgin River is a shiny ribbon in the distance. And be forewarned that along with the scary drop-offs, you will also encounter plenty of very steep sections, where the chains will help you propel yourself upward. Take some time to wander from side to side on the rocky mesa, and be sure to sit down for a refreshing drink and a snack. I believe the only access to Observation point currently is the East Mesa trail. After that arduous climb up, you deserve a treat, and you’re in for one at the top of Angels Landing. Email: [email protected] With 1000-foot sheer drops on either side of this ridge trail, this is one of the most dangerous hikes in the United States. Since 2004, ten people have died from falling while hiking the trail. The Angels Landing hike is the most popular in Zion National Park and that makes it a difficult hike to plan. The Angels Landing Trail is one of the most famous and thrilling hikes in the national park system. Four-wheel drive and/or chains may be necessary. Angels Landing. The downside is that you miss out on the unique exposure and sheer cliffs of Angel’s Landing. All products are produced on-demand and shipped worldwide within 2 - 3 business days. I encountered hikers of all ages struggling on the trail, while plenty of fit hikers, old and young, appeared to be holding their own. The spiny ridgeline, the enormous views, the chains bolted to rugged cliffs -- Angels Landing is a YouTube and Instagram sensation for a reason. On a hot day, the first part of the trail can be a bit of a slog that can sap your energy. Angels Landing in Zion National Park was on our must do list during our October 2020 trip. The trail, located in southern Utah’s Zion National Park, really does have it all. This section is where the trail’s infamous chains will be crucial. Our mission is to serve the 50+ traveler. The trail from weeping rock to observation point is closed. You did it! I mistakenly used a waist pack with a large water bottle on each side. My advice is to take the hike down as slowly as possible. If you dare make it up to the top, climbers are rewarded with a 360-degree view of the incredible Zion National Park Canyon at nearly 6000 feet! Although Angels Landing’s final half-mile ascent gets much of the attention, remember that you have to climb about 1,000 feet in elevation over 2 miles to get to that point. Add in the crowds, the steep sandstone steps, and the volatile weather conditions, and Angels Landing makes for a precarious outing. Contact the Park. Before attempting Angels Landing, I recommend training on trails that have intervals of super-steep climbs. Brutal in the summer heat and definitely strenuous. 5123 N Aurelius Rd, , Lansing, MI 48911. The reward for all that exposure: a 360-degree view of some of the country’s most colorful landscape. Last updated: December 13, 2020. It is also the hottest month, with average high temperatures reaching the high 80s. The trail can get very crowded so it's best to get early in the day. If you look at the chain-assisted scramble and think you couldn't climb it *without* the chain, you might want to reconsider hiking all the way to Angels Landing. Please arrive with a … This is the time for a long breath of relief and a high five. We awoke fairly early and started on the hike before the first bus arrived, hoping for less of a crowd. I recommend a streamlined Camelback or narrow backpack for this hike. Because the narrow route allows for only one-way traffic, the upward-moving crowd must often wait for people heading back down, and vice versa. This trail is risky enough on a clear, warm day; a snowy or rainy hike seems unnecessarily reckless to me. That translates to throngs of hikers. While Angels Landing has seen 8 falling deaths since 2004, the Emerald Pools come in with a close second with 7 falling-related deaths in the park. Yes, I do know kids that have successfully hiked Angels Landing at a younger age, but they had heaps of prior experience. Still, it’s not the time to be gawking side to side while you’re climbing. Regardless of the destination, her goal is to find the perfect scenic hike, city walk, beach stroll, or road-trip jaunt, and bring it to life in her blog. On paper, Angels Landing’s 5.4 miles (round trip) and 1,500 feet of elevation gain might sound comparable to many moderately difficult hikes out there. The upside is that the views along this section are stellar, often with the entire valley spread out below. The Chains Section is the Deadliest Place in Zion The attraction of Angels Landing is its “living on the edge” factor of dangerous exposure. Just as important as hiking gloves is the right kind of daypack. Angels Landing is so crowded now that park rangers often direct traffic. Please pack out your trash and Leave No Trace. If the scenic drive is full and closed (which is likely given the shuttle closures) you can access the point from outside the park by coming in from the East Mesa Trail. As you lounge at the top of Angels Landing, it is natural to indulge in a feeling of accomplishment. That means getting on the 7 a.m. park shuttle bus and heading straight to The Grotto stop, where you can access the Angels Landing Trail. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, and nature trips and is best used from February until October. Along the way, it bends through green riverbeds, orange-red canyons, and rapid switchbacks. For one thing, I recommend watching weather reports and avoiding times of snow, ice, and thunderstorms. Phone: 517-394-3300 Fax: 517-394-3355. For warm-weather hiking, I recommend fingerless gloves with a good grip in the palm. As is often the case with difficult hikes, age did not appear to be the main determining factor for people hiking Angels Landing. All of its attributes have combined to make Angels Landing a world-renowned bucket-list adventure. November 6, 2020. Along with their cooler temperatures, April, May, September, and October have slightly lower visitation numbers -- ranging from about 370,000 in April to about 497,000 in September. Due to changing advisories, please check local travel guidelines before visiting. Angels Landing isn’t the only trail in Zion National Park where people have died. In July 2018, the trail was closed following damage due to a severe storm. I could semi-deal with this, but the snow and ice had made it a very different beast. Brooke Crossing Ridge Gap On Angels Landing Chain Route. Angels Landing is the most popular and well-known hike in all of Zion National Park featuring a steep ascent to stunning panoramic views. 5) What are the Angels Landing chains? The last 500 ft or so is what makes Angels Landing famous. Usually, you’ll have a chain to help you out in those areas, but sometimes you’re on your own for a short distance. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A stop here is advisable, both to catch your breath and to soak up the sweeping views. Zion's Angels Landing hike is a 5-mile round trip trail that starts at the Grotto trailhead. In fact, it was during the downward hike that I experienced the most “What was I thinking?” moments. If you would like a great view of Angel’s Landing itself and a partial view of the valley, hike Angel’s Landing up to the chain closure. For photos, a GoPro or other action camera can come in handy here. Best of luck. We just left Zion and did this hike. The trail culminates at a lofty perch, boasting magnificent views in every direction. I highly recommend hiking to Observation Point. If you are traveling with kids, it is safe for them to hike to Scout Lookout. The path is only a few feet wide here, thinner than a sidewalk, and exposed to high cliffs. For me, it seems that hiking in the heat has become more and more difficult over the years. From the final viewpoint, you will be over 700 feet higher than Angels Landing looking down at it and the beautiful main canyon. The trail is mellow until you start going up the switchbacks. It is also the time to evaluate whether you want to continue on to the summit. Weeping rock trail head is closed from a rock fall. Know your limitations and proceed accordingly. I recommend timing your hike to avoid the crowds as much as possible. One of the Scariest and Spectacular hikes in North America. As I navigated the chains, I was happy that I had heeded the advice of a friend about the need for hiking gloves. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of the first part of Angels Landing. The route to Angels Landing involves travel along a steep, narrow ridge with major cliffs. Okay, on to Angels Landing… My friend and I were planning a camping trip to Zion National Park. It was re-opened in September 2018. I saw one woman hike the entire trail with a GoPro strapped to her shoulder. Once you make it to the top of the switchbacks the real fun starts. Angels Landing may not be the most strenuous hike I’ve ever done, but there’s no doubt it is the scariest. Don't be a jerk - you put everyone on the mountain in danger. Especially if you have a fear of heights, this might be the time to either turn back or find some shade and wait for your hiking companions to complete the summit. And as you approach the top, you’re treated to cool views of the twisting route below. Towards the very top of the trail where it gets steep and narrow (after Scout’s Lookout) there are chains along the trail that will help you make your way to … Here are 12 things to know before you go. And trust us, this is not a hike where you want to be at the mercy of crowds. Her blog, NearandFarAZ gives readers an insider's view of the wonders of the U.S. Southwest, and a traveler's take on far-off locales from Panama to Hong Kong to the Czech Republic. The West Rim Trail to Scout Lookout - The Angels Landing Chains Section remains closed. Angels Landing is one of the world's most renowned hikes and is an unforgettable short adventure hike worthy of all bucket lists. At 5 miles, it’s considerably longer than many of the trails more popular among new hikers, those with children along, or anyone with trouble walking long distances. Cindy's articles about outdoor adventures have appeared in numerous regional and national publications. This is the most thrilling part of the hike, so enjoy it. Thanks, Personally I was not a fan of the “unique exposure”, If you think it’s the only time you’d make the trip, I’d say wait. Gotta go around to the east side. Its challenges combine for a strenuous hike, and most people take 3 to 5 hours to complete it. One would think that this narrow ridge with deep chasms on each of its flanks would allure only the most intrepid … Zion National Park attracts about 4.3 million visitors a year, and many of those visitors have Angels Landing on their must-do list. The trail follows a narrow ridge up to the Angels Landing summit, tracing a dangerous path along both sides of the ridge. Since the closure of the Observation Point and Hidden Canyon trails, the Angels Landing hike has become busier than ever. 10 Fabulous Experiences In Idyllic Nancy, France, 10 Pennsylvania Towns That Feel Like You're In A Hallmark Christmas Movie. This alternate trail is also easier because you start at a much higher elevation. And once you’re back at Scout Lookout, take a moment to look back up at the ant-like hikers moving slowly up and down. Plenty of people decide that reaching Scout Lookout is enough of an achievement. The Lava Point Road is closed due to snow and ice. The trail, located in southern Utah’s Zion National Park, really does have it all. Next up is Walter’s Wiggles, a section of 21 tight switchbacks that climb steeply toward Scout Lookout.

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